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Dads: Are you a hugger or a shaker when it comes to your sons?

  This morning, as I dropped my sons off at school, my seven year-old reached his arms up, grabbed my waist and squeezed. A micro-second later, he was joined by … Continue reading


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‘Dad, please don’t make me eat it. Please!’

‘No, Dad, honestly, I don’t want it.’   ‘Look, seriously, Dad. I just don’t want it.’ ‘It’s not good for me. Please, take it away.’   ‘No, Dad, I won’t … Continue reading


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How did your kids cope with starting school for the first time? Perhaps my story is typical…

So here we are yesterday, man and boy, father and son, enjoying each other’s company for the last time in two months. My youngest boy has hardly been away from … Continue reading


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After-Bathtime Tip: Don’t throw away that holey towel…turn it into a fetching housecoat


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My Missus Monday: All 3 kids are at school and I can’t wait to get ‘Me’ back!

With the kids going back to school this week (Hurray!!), I thought this rather poignant article my wife wrote about our youngest son starting nursery last year was worth an … Continue reading

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Two little boys and the greatest song about childhood friendship ever written!

My now four-year-old has never really had a mate. He’s never needed one. He and his older brother have always been as thick as thieves. Three years separate them but … Continue reading


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Our youngest is 4 today…and look what we got him

Yes, yes, we know our youngest son is too young for it, but, well, you know, he likes it. Loves it, actually. That’s Ben 10 I’m talking about. The Tweenage … Continue reading


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When the heavens open there’s only one thing a dad can do (give him the shirt off your back!)

My three year-old son’s class trip to a nature park this morning started off gloriously. The sun was shining so I misguidedly thought a T-shirt and sandals would be enough … Continue reading


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