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Recipe Shed Vlog: Parmesan and Mint-Crusted Lamb Cutlets with a Fiery Kick

  This recipe will set your tastebuds ablaze, I promise. It is a flavour overload of aromatic mint, pungent Parmesan and fiery cayenne – all complimenting these superb French-trimmed cutlets … Continue reading

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Name that tune: What are my lads singing?

I caught my boys singing this while I was busy making their lunch today. Can you name that tune? And the movie it’s from? Scroll down for the answer…   … Continue reading

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Masterchef Exclusive: A cooking masterclass with 2011 champion Tim Anderson

Sometimes this blogging malarkey ain’t all bad – and last night was one such time. Myself and a handful of other Handpicked bloggers (RedTedArt, CrumbsFeedYourFamily and Nixdminx to name but … Continue reading


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Recipe Shed Vlog: Heston Blumenthal’s Lamb Steak Tapenade

I’m gradually working my way through the Heston Blumenthal cookbook for Christmas, and this recipe is a great way to combine my present from the Christmas before last: my trusty … Continue reading


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Recipe Shed: Meat-Free Monday Vlog: How to make vegetable pakoras

I’m still getting the hang of this vlogging malarkey. I haven’t learned how to edit them yet – and they are taking an ge to upload to YouTube, so I’m … Continue reading


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My very first vlog: How to iron a shirt in (just over) 1 minute

It is time I broke away from these shackles of mere words and ventured into the hitherto unknown playground of moving images aka vlogging. With the help and guidance of … Continue reading


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