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Beast Quest: The way to get a reluctant seven year-old boy to read

As most parents of little boys know, it is very difficult to get them into reading. Too much energy, too many distractions, too flitty-flighty in the concentration stakes. Now my … Continue reading


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Is taking my sons to see their grandad doing more harm than good?

I’ve been away for a week. Part One was visiting my dad with my lads, his grandsons; for Part Two, we teamed up with my wife, my stepdaughter, sister-in-law and … Continue reading


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Are my two little brothers in arms growing apart?

My lads have been inseparable since the moment the youngest was born. The oldest, Tom, would help change his little brother Sam’s nappy. When he moved from breast to bottle, … Continue reading


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I’m often asked: ‘Would you like another baby?’

They say women forget the pain of childbirth pretty darned quickly, otherwise no-one would be insane enough to go through it again. Except for masochists. Well there is an equivalent … Continue reading


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#SaturdayCaption: Death by snowball

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How Christmas gave our kids their Mum back (a tribute to Mother Christmas!)

We are fast approaching the anniversary of ┬áthe day I officially became a Reluctant Housedad after my wife and I swapped roles when I was made redundant. In that time, … Continue reading


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