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Getting PAID to shop? Is this too good to be true?

Aside from a visit to the local butchers or farmers’ market, I’m a lazy shopper. I prefer to do all my shopping online, get it delivered, get on with my … Continue reading

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Is this level of anxiety NORMAL? Time to make a list…

I read a post today by Kate of ¬†WitWitWoo fame, about how anxious she’s been feeling of late. ¬†She’s eight days into a new job, so it’s hardly surprising, but … Continue reading


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Last Christmas week, my brother got married, my mum died and my dad & stepdaughter had their birthdays. It’s been a bit quieter this year… …

I’m adding this post to Tara’s Sticky Fingers Gallery this week, on the theme of Christmas of Yesteryear. I know she will forgive me for the lack of photos. I’ve … Continue reading


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