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Indian-Spiced King Scallops in Lurpak Clarified Butter #FoodAdventures


I’ve been a fan of Lurpak butter (slightly salted, for me) since long before the adverts featuring Douglas, the little trombone player, made us smile with his attempts to steal … Continue reading


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Tiger Prawns and Scallops with Tom Yum Tagliatelle


I didn’t get my wife a card for Valentine’s Day. There’s something very unromantic about giving your loved one something cynically manufactured and containing a poem written by a 20-year-old … Continue reading


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Leeks with scallops, white pudding and bacon butter – my entry for LoveTheGarden’s leek recipe contest

My brother-in-law is a leek farmer, so whenever he visits he brings us a massive bag of Wales’s finest and I set to work. This recipe combines leeks with some … Continue reading


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Recipe Shed: Flavours of the Sea: Scallops and White Pudding with Leeks, New Potatoes and Bacon Butter

Let’s start with a confession: I am allergic to fish. It makes my lips blister and throat swell. It’s so bad that I can’t even kiss my missus or I … Continue reading


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