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A quick interrogation by a middle-aged matronly vicar’s wife!

I love this Interrogation Meme from  Middle-aged Matron, the only nicest vicar’s wife I know.  I had to dig my thinking cap out and put it on. And it fits. Let … Continue reading


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Tag: What Are Your Highs and Lows From 2011?

I may be a little late to this, but I’ve been tagged by KateOnThinIce who did a very interesting and entertaining review of last year in Q &A form. But … Continue reading


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Blogger Insights: Ben Wakeling – nostalgic for pert breasts!

Dad, blogger, author, quantity surveyor..and waver goodbyer to pert breasts. Is there no end to the talents of BEN WAKELING, this month’s main man in the Blogger Insights’ spotlight? Let’s … Continue reading


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Blogger Insights: ’10 Things I Love About Being A Stay-At-Home-Mum’ by SAHMlovingit!

The clue to how I feel about being a housedad is in both my blog title and Twitter name. And similarly, the clue to how Heather Lucas feels about being … Continue reading


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