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Recipe Shed: Nigella Lawson’s Mountain Macaroni

The lovely Sally Whittle, founder of Tots 100 and blogger at Who’s The Mummy, tells me her favourite ingredient is cheese, so I’m dedicating this fantastically cheesy recipe to her. … Continue reading


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Recipe Shed: Heston Blumenthal’s Ultimate Beef Burger with Parmesan Mushrooms

I’ve made some fine burgers in my time but while out shopping the other day the words ‘Ultimate Beef Burger’ caught my eye, not least because it was preceded by … Continue reading


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Recipe Shed: Nigella Lawson’s Cold-Oil Chips – are they better than Heston’s Thrice-Cooked Wonders?

I have raved about the virtues of Heston Blumenthal’s thrice-cooked chips many times on this blog. The method of parboiling the potatoes, then frying them to drive out the moisture, … Continue reading


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