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Baked Paccheri Pasta with Bolognese and Grana Padano Sauce

Baked Paccheri Pasta

I came across Paccheri pasta during my weekly shop. They are big rigatoni-like tubes that are fantastic for holding chunky sauces, like this best-ever Bolognese, which I make ahead in … Continue reading


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Ultimate Meat Sauce for Pasta

ultimate meat sauce for pasta

I’ve cooked various different versions of meat sauce for pasta, but this stands out from the crowd. It’s taken from Simon Cave’s ‘Manly Food’ book, which I’ve used so many … Continue reading


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Recipe Shed: Tagliatelle with Star Anise & Smoked Bacon Bolognese

There are countless recipes for Bolognese sauce. All of them have the basics – mince, onions, garlic, tomatoes – then after that, it’s up to you. I’ve tried many variations, … Continue reading


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