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It’s my oldest boy’s eighth birthday today….

…my oldest boy. He thinks he’s cool, calls me ‘Dude’ – but he still insists on kissing his old dad on the lips at the school gates in the morning. … Continue reading


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It was my late Mum’s birthday yesterday. And I forgot.

Sometimes my head gets stuck so far up my own arse that I forget what’s important. Like yesterday. I went for an interview for a job and so consumed with … Continue reading


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I didn’t expect any presents…but look what I got for my birthday!

You don’t expect presents when you get to my age. Let me re-phrase that: you tell your loved ones: ‘I don’t expect presents when I get to my age.’ Hint. … Continue reading


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48 Things I’ve learned in the past 48 hours on the occasion of my 48th birthday

I’m 48 today. Forty. Eight. What has been the point of these 48 years? What have I learned? What wisdom have I accumulated that I can pass on to my … Continue reading


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Sometimes it helps if you remember how old your parents are…

Well, it’s the thought that counts, isn’t it? Well, isn’t it??? I had good intentions when I bought my dad a bottle of Johnny Walker Blue Label Whisky to mark … Continue reading


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Recipe Shed: Celebration Sous Vide Turkey Breast and Trimmings

We’re having two Christmas dinners this year on account of the fact that my stepdaughter will be with her dad on the Big Day. We have a complicated family, but … Continue reading


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My birthday boy and a Naff Dad joke that backfired

Our middle son turned seven yesterday. But before I tell you about his birthday, let me tell you about a door. Yes, a door. On the outside wall of our … Continue reading


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Our youngest is 4 today…and look what we got him

Yes, yes, we know our youngest son is too young for it, but, well, you know, he likes it. Loves it, actually. That’s Ben 10 I’m talking about. The Tweenage … Continue reading


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