Sous Vide Picanha Steak


Picanha is a stunning cut of beef from the top of the rump. It’s most popular in Brazil, but it’s being offered by top-notch butchers (such as the guys at Jack O’Shea’s in north London).

These wonderfully-marbled, thick-cut beauties are from 35 day-aged Aberdeen Angus cattle.

As is the case with rump steak, picanha is a a little bit toothsome (a tad on the chewy side) but its beefiness is worth the effort.

However, I’ve found that by bathing it for 3-4 hours in a Sous Vide water bath tenderises the meat beautifully, after which finish it in a hot pan with lots of butter to baste for a caramelised crust.

OK, you’re going to need a Sous Vide vac pack machine and water bath for this, but if you haven’t got one, there are loads of other steak recipes on this site for you. Have an explore.

Serves 2

2 x picanha steaks, approx. 250g each
Freshly ground black pepper


1. Trim off any external fat from the picanha and vac-pack. Immerse in a Sous Vide water bath set at 55C for 3-4 hours.


2. When you’re ready to eat, snip open the bag and drain off the juices. Pre-heat a heavy-based frying pan. Oil the steaks and sear on all sides for a minute per side.

3. Add a knob of butter and baste the steaks for another minute or so. Transfer to a plate and allow to rest for a couple of minutes.


4. Carve into slices and serve with triple cooked chips, rocket and this fantastic mushroom-bacon sauce.








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3 Responses to Sous Vide Picanha Steak

  1. Wow. That beef is wonderfully marbled. Looks like Wagyu! Which sous vide machine do you use?

  2. Alex

    That looks very good. However, I have a question: have you tried putting in the sous vide with the fat? I think cooking with the fact actually gives a very nice flavor to the meat… As opposed to taking it off before you cook it .