Have you tried the GBK St. Morish Burger?


In the ongoing quest for Burger Perfection I was asked by the good people of Gourmet Burger Kitchen to try their new St.Morish Burger aka ‘Apres Ski in a Bun’. 

It’s not the kind of invitation a respectable housedad is going to turn down now, is it? Especially when I was stuck for ideas for what to do with my restless children during the painful school holiday that is February half-term.

I was told this was going to be different; I was reassured it was going to have me begging for more(ish)!

And it didn’t disappoint: a juicy 6oz patty cooked EXACTLY to my liking (a nice, pink medium-rare) in a soft brioche bun. The usual fare you’d expect from an establishment whose only reason to exist is to sell quality burgers.

But it was taken to a different level by the exotic array of toppings – stuff I don’t have in my kitchen cupboard and thus would be hard pressed to re-create at home (which, after all, is the purpose of restaurants in the first place, isn’t it).

Racelette cheese, truffled mushrooms, baconnaise (whatever that might be – I can hazard a guess),  onion jam and – get this – chilli chocolate ketchup combined to make this a savoury, sweet, smoky, sticky, wonderfully messy experience.


I’m not sure my palate is sophisticated enough to separate the different ingredients, but it certainly wasn’t complaining!

OK, at £9.95 for the burger alone (a total of £14.95 if you add fries and a drink) it won’t have Maccy D aficionados switching their allegiance to GBK.

But it was, as it said on the menu, St. Morish. Heavenly in fact!


On another note, GBK has just launched its all-digital Order & Collect service.

Download the GBK app and place an order for burgers ready for collection from your nearest GBK restaurant.

For more information go to gbk.co.uk

• This isn’t a sponsored post, but I was sent a voucher for the St. Morish Burger (but shelled out for burgers for my three kids – because that’s the kind of generous dad I am!)


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