Hickory Smoked Chicken Breasts


I am so privileged – and undeserving – to have the wife I have. Men of a certain age tend to get socks or hankies for their birthdays, but I got a smoker. No, not a packet of fags, but a stove-top contraption for smoking meat, cheese and veg.

I’ve used it twice so far: the first time to cook a very simple chicken breast, spiced with cayenne pepper; the second to smoke chicken wings before smothering them in cheesy hot sauce (made with a recipe given to me by Asher, the head chef at my local, The Stag in NW3 – watch this space).

The smoker is from smoking experts Camerons – ‘the leader in smoke cooking technology’ – and I was amazed by how easy it was to use, and how effective and delicious the results were.


There are four simple stages:

1. Add a tablespoon of wood chips (in this case, hickory) to the bottom of the smoking pan.


2. Put the drip tray on top, and then the rack inside that.

3. Add your favoured ingredient (in this case, chicken breasts).


4. Close the smoker and cook over a medium heat on the hob (in my case, gas).


Bob’s your favourite uncle.

These chicken breasts were sublime, brushed first with some oil spiced with cayenne pepper and a little salt, then smoked for 15 minutes.


Incredible juicy. Amazing tender. Deliciously smoky. And astoundingly simple.

Serve with coleslaw, rocket and piccalilli.





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4 Responses to Hickory Smoked Chicken Breasts

  1. Tad

    Sorry for the stupid question but do the chicken breasts have to be cooked beforehand?

    • keithkendrick

      Hi Tad, that’s a perfectly reasonable question. The answer is No. They get cooked in the smoker, which stays on the hob over a medium heat. Hope you give them a try.

      • Tad

        Ah that’s brilliant! I’m definitely going to get one of these as I think it’d be a good way to smoke aubergines for making moutabel. Thanks for your response

  2. I have a smaller one of these – we’ve cooked chicken, sausages, herring, and – absolute favourite so far – salmon. Seriously excellent kit.

    Out of interest, have you tried using tea leaves instead of wood chips? Amazing results from Earl Grey and Lapsang!