Daioni Flavoured Milk


Only a quarter of boys and 10 per cent of girls between the ages of nine and 13 are getting enough calcium – at just the age when their growing bones need it most. 

It’s regarded as such a serious issue that the Government is planning to re-introduce free milk to schools.

But why wait? If you struggle to get your kids to quaff a glass of two, this new range of flavoured milks from Daioni could be the answer.

I was sent a few cartons to review and I’m very happy to recommend them. Or, rather, my kids aged 13, 10 and seven are happy. Just look at their faces!

The 200ml and 250ml cartons contain organic milk in three flavours – chocolate, strawberry and banana.


They’re available at Ocado, delis and cafes across the UK and cost 79p for 200ml and 99p for 250ml. 

For more info go to http://trioni.com/

, according to studies It was National Milk Day on January 11 

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