How to cook…Iberico Pluma


Are you one of those January Detox Types? If so, move along: you’ll find nothing to interest you here. The Recipe Shed is a proud exponent of the Whatever Doesn’t Kill You Must Be Good For You philosophy.

OK, I’m not sure if such a philosophy actually exists, but we practise it day and night here in the Shed.

Life’s too short to count calories and cut back on the delicious stuff you love. Here’s an idea: if you’re worried about your health or weight, get off your backside and do some exercise.

Eat, drink, walk to work and climb the stairs and you’ll ultimately be merry.

Which brings us to this rather ugly, unprepossessing cut of meat. Doesn’t look very healthy, does it? All that fat. Yes, fat that gives meat FLAVOUR.


No-one’s forcing you to eat it. If it’s not for you, have a drool and move on to your wheatgrass shake.

Anyway, for those of you still here, this extraordinary cut is one of the most delicious pieces of pork you will ever taste. It’s called Pluma – a slice of the shoulder from an Iberico pig, the perfect examples of porcine perfection that roam the woods of Spain feasting on acorns.

And it’s that acorn flavour that is imbued in the creamy fat of the animal.

This is no ordinary pork cut: it doesn’t tense up when cooked, it doesn’t dry out. It can be served as pink as you like your steaks, but even if you prefer it well done, you won’t lose out from the juicy, mouth-bursting experience from your first bite to your last.

As with other cuts of Iberico pork that I’ve written about on the Recipe Shed, I sourced this from Jack O’Shea’s butchers in north London’s Primose Hill. This piece set me back around £9, but because the meat is so rich, it was more than enough for a mid-week meal for me and my wife.


Cooking instructions couldn’t be simpler: trim off any chunks of fat with a sharp knife; give the meat a few whacks with a meat hammer to hasten the cooking process; pre-heat a pan over a medium-high heat; chuck in the steak (or steaks) and cook for 3-4 minutes each side; liberally sprinkle with salt and pepper; leave to rest for a minute or so, then serve.


We had this with rocket leaves drizzled with cherry chilli dressing and new potatoes tossed in butter.


January Detox, my arse!


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3 Responses to How to cook…Iberico Pluma

  1. TonyBins

    I drooled far too much reading your excellent report and Jack O’Shea will be getting a visit from me.
    Oh well, bang goes another new year’s resolution. Soon I shall be back to normal. Ha!

  2. Jim LeTendre

    I purchased this delicious cut from Chuck and Nadine at Black Oak Holler Farm in West Virginia. Pasture raised finished on foraged acorns on the mountain top. Outstanding. We’re going to pick up half a pig next week.