Have you tried…Iberico Pork Chops


Here’s a pork chop unlike any other pork chop you’ll ever taste. These come from the loin of the magnificently marbled Iberico pig – that incredible porker that grazes on acorns to give it its truly astonishing, nutty flavour and silky, buttery fat.

Cook them medium-rare i.e. pinkish for the best results.

First, score the external fat with a very sharp knife and then stand them up in a pan, with the fat to the hot surface, to render and crisp it up.



Then cook the chops over a medium heat for about 5-7 mins each side.

They are superb: moist and tender, with an explosion of mouth-filling juices when you bite into them.

I served them with par-boiled new potatoes, which I then tossed in butter, and a green salad drizzled with a chilli cherry dressing.


They’re not cheap – about £8 each (I got these from Jack O’Shea’s butchers in Primrose Hill, North London) – but they are well worth the money for an extra special porky treat.





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