Have you tried…Iberico Pork Secreto?


Pork, for me,  is only worthwhile if the tougher cuts of the animal are used (shoulder, belly, cheeks, the leg, at a push), which are then slow cooked. 

It’s the fat that gives these cuts flavour and time and effort cooking them long and slow to break down the tough connective tissues is well worth the effort.

The more tender cuts – the loin and fillet – are OK if flash-fried but many people veer away from pink pork (despite the fact that, because of increased welfare standards, it can now me served medium) so these cuts are more usually cooked until no pink remains, and thus the meat has a tendency to tighten and dry out.

But now there is a solution to this: the incredibly tender, wonderfully marbled Iberico Secreto.





I can’t put it better than blogger Chicaandaluza, who writes: “Secreto Ibérico (which translates as Iberian Secret) is a cut of meat, which comes from between the shoulder blade and the loin of the prized Iberian pigs.

“The reason this meat tastes so good is that the surface is marbled with fat.  It is typically cooked over a high flame or hot griddle so the outside fat melts and gives you a fantastically crispy crust, while the meat inside stays juicy and tender.”

Unfortunately, it isn’t widely available, so you’ll have to track it down. Fortunately (for me) a new butcher’s has opened not a million miles away called Jack O’Shea which serves this magnificent delicacy.

It isn’t cheap – this gorgeous 2cm-thick slab cost £16. It was enough to serve me and my wife, though it could have stretched to four at a push.

But it is incredibly easy to cook: just drizzle it with oil and liberally sprinkle with sea salt before cooking for a couple of minutes each side in a white hot pan.


This will give you a medium finish i.e. blush pink inside, but cook it for a minute or so longer if you don’t want any blood (even though it’s perfect safe: I am not writing this post from a hospital bed, honest!).



Serve with whatever you fancy. It went brilliantly draped over salad leaves and cooled, boiled new potatoes, drizzled with Cherry Chilli Salad Dressing.







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5 Responses to Have you tried…Iberico Pork Secreto?

  1. Hello Reluctant House Dad and thank you for th elovely link to my blog. How lucky to come across this cut of pork in England (I think?). In Spain it’s not an expesnive cut of meat unless you buy Iberico Pork but I’ve never found it outside of Spain. Maybe I can convince the local butcher in Bexhill (where we are right now) to prepare it for me! So glad you like this too.

    • keithkendrick

      Thanks for the inspiration Chica. I’ve also bought some Iberico pork chops form the same butcher. I cannot wait to try them. With best wishes. Keith

  2. I’m still a scaredy cat because I work in food safety. The FSA still recommends that pork is cooked all the way through due to the risk of Hep E. A good way to keep all meats juicier though is to use a thermometer because you often find the temperature to get where the meat is visibly well cooked is higher than the temperature needed to kill bacteria. I often cook chicken for much less time than on the pack.

    That said, I eat rare beef and always cook salmon so it’s only just done. Nothing is without risk.

    • keithkendrick

      Life’s a risk and sometimes they’re worth taking – this Iberico Secreto most definitely is! Thanks very much for the feedback. Really appreciate it.

  3. ooh what a lovely cut of meat – I do like a nice piece of pork!