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Have you tried…Iberico Pork Presa?


Look at this glorious, beautifully marbled piece of meat. Do you know what it is? OK, a rather large clue is in the header, but if you hadn’t see that, … Continue reading

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Christmas pies from Pieminister


  As much as I love a nice pie, pastry isn’t my forte. Even the ready-made, shop-bought stuff can be too much of a faff. So I was delighted to … Continue reading

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Have you tried…Iberico Pork Secreto?


Pork, for me,  is only worthwhile if the tougher cuts of the animal are used (shoulder, belly, cheeks, the leg, at a push), which are then slow cooked.  It’s the … Continue reading


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Chinese Chicken Wings in Black Bean Sauce


I am in possession of a brand new wok, purchased from the sensational Wing Yip supermarket. If you’ve never been to one of these extraordinary Chinese food emporiums, seek one … Continue reading


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