Review: ‘Ragu’ Creamy Tomato and Bacon Sauce for Pasta Bake


It feels like an admission of defeat to say that I have found these Easter holidays incredibly challenging. My three kids are growing and growing – and their appetites are keeping pace with that process. 

During term time, school dinners are a huge and welcome support, but in holiday time, it’s down to me to keep three children, aged 12, 9 and 6, fed, and fed and fed. Fed up: that’s me!

So when I was asked to review jars of pasta sauce by Ragu (‘The Italian sauce created in New York’) I was quite happy for the help, especially as the effort involved in putting a meal together was simplicity itself: literally three ingredients.

Add some pasta shapes to a baking dish. Pour over the sauce and some water. Mix together. Bung in a preheated oven for 25 mins. Grate in some Cheddar cheese. Mix again. Bung back into the oven for 10 mins. Remove. Cool a little. Serve.




How easy is that?

The proof, of course, is in the tasting and I am pleased to report that my children wolfed down every forkful. Result! Which left me with time to make my own pasta and sauce from scratch to treat my kids’ hard-working mother after a day at the office coal face.


There are four sauces in the range, as you can see from this photo, and I will work my way through them. They cost £1.99 for a 454g jar, to make a big enough pasta bake to feed four or even more children (or the whole family).


• This is a review. The only payment I have received is in the form a four jars of Ragu pasta sauce.

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