Lurpak Food Adventures: T-Bone Steak with Tarragon, Lemon and Pink Peppercorn Butter


This is the third recipe I’ve developed using Lurpak’s Clarified Butter from its new Cook’s Range. Last week I made Indian-Spiced King Scallops, then Potted King Prawns.

They were delicious, but nothing beats a fantastic steak. This beauty comes form my favourite butcher – and just one was easily enough to feed me and my carnivorous wife.

In a pestle and mortar, pound chopped tarragon, crushed pink peppercorns, a couple of garlic cloves and the zest of a lemon to a paste, then mix around 100g softened clarified butter. Roll tightly in clingfilm and put in the fridge to set.








When it’s time to cook, you can use it in two ways:

1) To add a couple of rounds to the pan towards the end of cooking, to give the steak a crunchy crust and a buttery glaze, and

2) When it comes to plating up, add a disc to your sliced steak and let the butter melt into the meat.




Absolutely delicious. The combination of herbs, lemon, garlic and pepper give the butter a very fresh, spring-like zing. If you’ve a mind to, you could also use it on pan-fried chicken breasts or salmon. In fact, it would pretty much work with anything.

To cook the steak:

1. Ensure the beef is at room temperature.

2. Get your grill or pan smoking hot.

3. Oil the steak, not the pan.

4. Add the steak to the pan and leave for a couple of minutes to get a lovely brown crust.

5. Flip every 30 seconds.

Cook for:

Medium Rare 6-8 minutes

Medium 8-10 minutes

Medium Well 10-12 minutes.

6. After the last flip, add the herby clarified butter.

7. Rest on a warm plate, not too hot to touch, for around 10 minutes, then carve into thick slices.



Serve with triple-cooked chips and rocket.


• There are four new products in the Lurpak Cook’s Range:

Baking (‘Blended with a softer texture that’s ready to go straight from the fridge, it folds easily into cake mixtures for a light, fluffy golden finish); Cooking

Liquid (‘Cleverly blended for a delicious taste and golden finish, it’s great for pan-frying meat, fish and vegetables for a midweek family feast);

Cooking Mist (‘Offering effortless, even coverage with a minimum of fuss, you can make Sunday’s roast chicken the highlight of the week);

Clarified Butter (‘Packed with rich, intense taste, new Lurpak Clarified Butter allows you to turn up the heat when you’re cooking – perfect for searing and locking in flavours’.)

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• Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post.

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