Review: Naked Noodle – Thai Style Chicken Flavour


I’m fed up with eating sandwiches for lunch. So much stodge, no matter how much salad you pack in between the slabs of wholemeal, ciabatta or sour dough.

So, out shopping at Morrisons this week, I came across Naked Noodle: Thai Style Chicken Flavour.

They are described on the packet as a Ramen Noodle Soup, but what they are, really, are posh Pot Noodles. But at just £1, it ain’t that posh!

And they’re bloody lovely – and only 1.6g saturated fat, per 100g, though that’s 5.7g per serving. But that doesn’t matter. I’m not on a diet. I just wanted a change from bread, bread, bread and Naked Noodle hit the spot.

They’re light and refreshing, spicy and lemongrassy. Authentically chickeny Thai.

To prepare them, you open the box, take out the sachets of noodles and seasoning and plastic fork. Open and empty the sachets into the cardboard cup, fill with boiling water. Close the box lid over the cup and leave for 4 minutes, then get stuck in.


OK, they’re not a health food, as the 2.8g salt and 20-plus ingredients on the side of the packet prove, but they made a very simple, very pleasant, very filling, very refreshing lunch – for a quid. Can’t argue with that. I’m off to try the Hot & Sour and Chilli Beef flavours.



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