The ‘Walkers Mighty Lights’ Workout Video!


My three kids’ main mission in life seems to be to chomp through as many crisps as their little stomachs can contain before exploding.

So a new variety containing 30 per cent less fat can be no bad thing – but only if they taste like the real deal.

So what’s the verdict on Walkers Mighty Lights from my children, aged 11, nine and six?

“If I was a crisp that tasted this good, I’d eat myself,” said the eldest, Daisy.


And to illustrate the point, she put together this rather brilliant (if I do say so) animation starring the fitter, less fatter, crisps from the Mighty Lights range…

According to the blurb on the packet, Mighty Lights contain 30 per cent less fat than standard crisps, are a source of fibre, contain no MSG, and have no artificial colours or preservatives.

And according to my sons Tom and Sam, they are very crunchy, very more-ish and very tasty. Mighty fine, in fact.




Disclaimer: Yes, this is a sponsored post, for which I have been paid in the modern currency of crisps.





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5 Responses to The ‘Walkers Mighty Lights’ Workout Video!

  1. That video is quite brilliant: how old is she?! I sense a future in the advertising business :)

  2. Definitely a classic, that video! Well done Daisy. I love crisps too and I’d certainly eat myself if I was one (great line that!).

  3. Amazing video. Made us laugh like drains.