Review: Walkers Baked Hoops and Crosses


The lights are bright. The scene is set. Two aficionados of the bagged baked snacks genre approach the table. The first, with deft fingers, pinches at the seal of the bag, then opens it with a pfftt of released air. The aroma of roast beef wafts up to the second expert’s nose and he breathes in, savouring the beefiness with twitching nostrils. 

The first dips a long finger into the bag. What will emerge? Will it be a hoop? Or a cross? He cares not. For him, bagged snacks are not a game. For an eight-year-old who lives in the moment, with neither a past nor a future, this crunchy morsel is all that matters.


Will it deliver? Will it pass the rigorous standards of this taster’s temperamental tastebuds?

The snack approaches the judge’s mouth. He closes his eyes, parts his lips. Ready, willing…and then suddenly unable.

For it has been snatched by his five-year-old brother, who is now crunching-and-a-munching and rubbing his tummy with a glint in his thieving eye and declaring: ‘Mmmmm. deeeee-licious.’

Yes, wheat-based snack eating doesn’t get tougher than this.


• This MasterSnack trailer has been brought to you by Walkers Hoops and Crosses, which, if on a plate would have been declared by my sons as ‘one helluva plade of food’. According to the packet, each bag contains 85 calories, they are made from wholegrains, have no artificial colours or preservatives, and they come in three flavours (prawn cocktail, salt and vinegera, and roast beef) which are suitable for vegetarians – even the roast beef ones (I know!). Oh, and according to my distinguished judges, they also taste like Monster Munch. Which is a very good thing indeed!




• Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post.


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