Everything you could possibly ever want to know about shutters!


There’s a first time for everything and one such first time has arrived, right here, right now. For this is the first time I have ever written about shutters. We are nothing if not versatile here in Reluctant Housedad Towers.

Probably like your good self, I didn’t know anything an awful lot about shutters, but I do now.

So what’s so great about shutters?

Shutters can reduce your heating costs
Closing shutters at dusk to help insulate windows and dramatically reduce heating bills. That’s what a BBC Edinburgh report said!

They’re healthier 
No, they don’t contain fruit and veg, but they are easier to clean than traditional blinds and curtains. Curtains are a haven for dust mites but they can’t penetrate hardwood shutters. Just give them a wipe down every now and then.

Kerb appeal
Window shutters should be considered an investment as well as giving your windows a contemporary and crisp revamp. Certainly for Victorian and Edwardian style home owners, potential purchasers will be looking for signs that your home is not only well maintained but in vogue and window shutters are a must for these properties.

Because window shutters are custom made to the millimetre, they are perfect for awkward shaped windows such as circles, arches, gables and abnormally large window apertures.

Shutters aid silence
The timber properties of interior shutters act as a natural noise barrier. When the panels and louvres are fully closed the shutters create a timber barrier which acts like a secondary glaze, in aiding noise reduction.

Indoor shutters offer security and privacy
You can angle the slats so that you can see out but nosy neighbours can’t see in.

So there you go. Everything you could possibly want to know about the glory of shutters. Education is a beautiful thing.

• Shutterly Fabulous is the only full ‘measure and install’ company selling unique interiors product. The company oversees all aspects of the design, measure, manufacture and installation of your interior window shutters, made to a specification and unique design.



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