Sponsored Post: Our Santa is about 25 and drives a van

The tip of the iceberg

The tip of the iceberg

Over the last few weeks, I have become very familiar with a new man in my life called Lee.
It started off as a rather beligerent relationship (on my part) because Lee would knock on my door first thing in the morning as I was about to get in the shower.
‘What do you want?’ I’d snap at him.
But all I received was a smile in reply.
But as the weeks have gone by, the frost between us has melted and now I look forward to his daily visits. We chat about the weather, he asks about the kids, then we speculate about the reason for his pop-ins.
For Lee is the man from Parcelforce who could quite easily be called Santa – because for the last four or five weeks, he has been delivering Christmas to our doorstep.
Delivery for RHD's wife

Delivery for RHD’s wife

It has been quite a journey. What first started off as the occasional padded envelope or small box perhaps twice a week has turned into a standing joke of a torrent of packages and parcels.
‘I haven’t ordered any of this stuff, you know,’ I apologise to Lee, as he climbs the steps to our flat.
‘I know. It’s your wife’s name on the labels. Has she robbed a bank or something?’
Oh and how we chortle at our japery.
There’s not long to go now before our relationship will dwindle to an end. With Christmas soon upon us, I imagine hope my hard working wife will sew up her  purse and desist from spending every waking hour on retail websites, such as Amazon.
And when that day comes, it will be rather a sad one.
I’ll miss you, Lee. Merry Christmas!
• This is a sentimental sponsored post!

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  1. aww touching post….my house is always the one with a delivery van of some kind parked outside, when the neighbours are out I get their parcels too & the postie knocks even when he has just a letter ….in the hope that there’s something nice fresh out of the oven!