It’s my oldest boy’s eighth birthday today….

…my oldest boy. He thinks he’s cool, calls me ‘Dude’ – but he still insists on kissing his old dad on the lips at the school gates in the morning. Hope he stops when he’s 21.

• And, yes, I know my window frames need painting but, you know, I’ve been busy buying birthday presents.


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5 Responses to It’s my oldest boy’s eighth birthday today….

  1. I hope he reads this and gives you a great big smacker on the lips when he is 21 😉
    Happy birthday to your handsome boy x

  2. Ha-ha! Happy birthday to him! What a nice bag he got!

  3. Those windows gave me malicious cheer! Happy Birthday to him! My son’s about the turn 8 too whereupon I want time to stop rolling.

    • keithkendrick

      Sadist! Happy birthday to your lad when the time comes. I can’t wait for mine to be old enough to get served at the bar.