How many sharks are killed to make shark’s fin soup? What I learned on our Class Trip to London Aquarium

Let me ask you a question. How many sharks do you think there are in the world? No, I have no idea either. 

But how many MORE sharks would there be if it wasn’t for the Chinese’s insatiable appetite for Shark’s Fin Soup?

This so-called delicacy is eaten in shoals at weddings and banquets. Yet even though it has virtually no flavour, 100 MILLION SHARKS are killed to satisfy this lust for fins. Just the fins, mind – the rest of the shark is thrown away.

100 MILLION! I didn’t know there were that many sharks in the world. Apparently, there are 450 species of sharks, but I couldn’t find out how many actual sharks there are – but there would be 100 MILLION more if it wasn’t for the Oriental appetite for their fins.

I was blown away by this fact – one of many, but the one that most stuck in my mind, and which I have repeated many times to anyone who will listen – from my oldest son’s Class Trip to the London Aquarium.

I accompanied him and 29 of his excitable classmates on a wet and windy day out. It was an experience neither they nor I will ever forget, but probably for different reasons.

Their jaws dropped in awe at the astonishing array of sealife housed in this underground/underwater cavern on the south bank of the Thames in London. I, on the other hand, was in awe at the stupidity of mothers and childminders who took babies in buggies into this claustrophobic experience. What they thought a six month-old baby could get out of the encounter is anyone’s guess. Character-building, I suppose.

Anyway, apologies for the curmudgeoness – it’s my age – but if you do get the chance to visit, then do so. Ideally, before the school parties, babes-in-arms and swathes of tourists get there, which I imagine is, all the time.

Here’s a visual feast (pardon the pun) of what’s on offer.




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2 Responses to How many sharks are killed to make shark’s fin soup? What I learned on our Class Trip to London Aquarium

  1. The shark fin trade is a disgusting one in parts of the world such as Costa Rica where sharks are caught, have their fins cut off while still alive and are then thrown back into the sea to die by drowning.

    A blogger friend of mine has started a petition to stop this cruel trade which you can sign here

  2. JasonAdored (@JasonAdored)

    I love the London Aquarium – and so did my son when I took him, aged around six months.

    I know pushchairs can be a right pain sometimes but not all pushchair dwellers are.

    Nice recipes.