For your delectation…my very cheesy national anthems!

When a friend saw this competition written about in a newspaper, he thought of me. I’m a cheese fanatic, see; a Cheddar afficionado. Thus, this comp had my name all over it.

The challenge by the British Cheese Board is to write a Cheddar National Anthem, to the tune of God Save The Queen, Land Of Hope And Glory, or Jersusalem.

You then have to make and post a video. Well, I can’t be bothered with that bit, but I’ve had E-dam Gouda go at the lyrics.

Here are my efforts..

(To God Save The Queen)

God eats our nutty Keen’s
Just with a cracker, please
God loves our cheese

Cheddar is glorious
Quicke’s has much moreishness
Isle of Mull is top drawer-ishness
Go-od loves our cheese

(To tune of Land of Hope and Glory)

Cheddar’s tasty and more-ish
Perfect with a pickle or two
Creamy, nutty or tangy
There’s bound to be a Cheddar for you

Cheddar’s tasty and more-ish
Slab it on a cracker or bread
Chunky, grated or melted
Versatile, it has to be said

Cheddar’s tasty and more-ish
The king of cheeses, we know
Cheddar’s tasty and more-ish
Take a bite and feel your mouth glow

And this, from my friend Mark, to the tune of the National Anthem…

You should eat loads of cheese
Oh it can only please
Eat loads of cheese

Purchase it from the shop
Eat it until you drop
Or till your tummy pops

Eat loads of cheese

And from my friend Dan (to God Save The Queen)

Cheddar is lovely cheese
And my wife, she agrees
More cheese, yes please!

It’s so mysterious
It sends us delirious
We should be abstemious
But go weak at the knees

And this from my friend Scott (to God Save the Queen)
Cheddar’s the Queen of cheese
It is the beezy knees
More cheese? Yes please.
On crackers or hunk of bread
The aroma goes to my head
There’s nothing I’d eat instead
The Queen of cheese
Well, what do you think? Cheesy enough?

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  1. I now need some cheddar, or Cornish Yarg!