Listography: A day in a housedad’s life

KateTakes5’s Listography challenge this week is to capture a week in our lives in 5 photos. Ah, sod it. I’ve done one day in 15 photos. Call me Maverick. She can sue me.

This was today (Tuesday March 6 2012). Not a typical day, but a day nonetheless. I went on a class trip to London Zoo with my seven year-old – and thank God for that. Because if I’d posted my day yesterday, it would have comprised me sitting at the computer staring at a blank screeen.

No captions needed, I hope.


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4 Responses to Listography: A day in a housedad’s life

  1. Okaaaay. So you did 15 photos instead of 5. I can forgive you that I suppose. But ALL FROM ONE DAY?? Come on!

  2. I knew it was cold up there but I didn’t realise you were living along side penguins! And I hope that sheet music is “Roll Over Lay Down” and not “Kumbaya”. xx

  3. Good day! Love that you took a picture of your wife putting on her make-up in the living room mirror, it’s where I put mine on too so I can keep an eye on The Boy.

  4. Don’t you just love it when fun days happen just in time for blogging?! ~ Christine xx