Listography: 5 Best Mugs

The stuff in our cupboards says more about us than any words we can write. And a lot of that stuff has a story behind it. Take MUGS, for example, the theme of this week’s Listography from KateTakes5.

I hadn’t thought much about the vessels I drink 15 cups of tea a day from. Until now.

1. My favourite all-time mug, which is sadly broken. One of the kids accidentally broke the handle off it taking it out of the dishwasher. I suspect it was the youngest, because this mug pre-dates him. My stepdaughter and oldest son made it for me in a pottery class, before planting their paw prints on it. I couldn’t bear to throw it away, so I use it as a pen holder instead.

2. This is Dad’s Mug. A pint-sized colossus for a a proper He-Man like myself. Somehow, though, my favourite brew – Darjeeling – doesn’t quite work in it, so I reserve it for Saturday mornings with a bacon and cheese toastie.

3. Mum’s mug. Can’t remember where or how we got it, though. That’s bad, isn’t it?

4. My mug, given to me by my former work colleagues. Hilarious, no?

5. A teeny tiny mug we brought back from our honeymoon in Corsica in 2010. I’m not really sure whether it’s a mug or an egg cup, but it brings back lots of lovely memories.

• Don’t be a mug, share your mug over at the Listography linky.


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10 Responses to Listography: 5 Best Mugs

  1. A very manly collection – except for Mum’s mug of course. I like the mug on a mug from Corsica.

  2. Ah, tea… yes, I love a nice mug of tea. In fact I’m drinking one right now.
    Damn, I spilt a little down my shirt trying to be clever! Arg!

    It’s always nice to talk about tea, but really I wanted to say thank you for including me in the article you published at BritMums. Seeing that was a fantastic way to start my day and it just kept getting better from there…. so thanks! :-)

  3. Jesus that last one is freaky.

  4. What a fab selection, love the mum mug. I knew your dad mug would be in there.

  5. Darjeeling eh? Do you drink it with your pinky out also?

  6. Ah how sweet that you have a handprint one

  7. Eek…that last one should come with a warning!

  8. Sorry that your fave mug is broken – before I saw that it was a handle incident I was going to warn you not to have your mugs so close to the edge of the table when taking pictures for fear of knockage ;o)

  9. I like the mug from Corsica in a so-bad-it’s-good kind of way.
    My favourite though is the dictator one, the kids can’t say they weren’t warned!

  10. Oh wow the face on that mug is so realistic. except you said it’s egg cup size. that’s freaky.:) visiting from listography.