Now THAT’S what I call a cheese board #2

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14 Responses to Now THAT’S what I call a cheese board #2

  1. lovely but where is the fruit cake? cant have cheese without a bit of fruit cake?

  2. Looks almost perfect. Put a decanter of port on one side of that and you’re golden.

  3. I’d also love the wine but not sure about the fruit cake – only because I’ve never tasted that combo. A cheese board must be one of my favourite things – even more than raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens.

  4. There is no Blacksticks Blue on that cheese board. That would make the perfect cheese board!

  5. lovely….no what’s everyone else having?

  6. Ali

    I have just shown my cheese monster son. Now he is hungry and he wants cheese!!! #dam :-)

  7. Yes to all but the one at 3 o’clock!

  8. Love your cheese selection! It just needs a bit of quince jelly to finish it off and compliment the beautiful cheeses :) ~ Christine xx

  9. Love this, thanks for linking up (can you chuck the badge on please matey?)

  10. mmm mmm but that#s what I call half a stone!

  11. Oooh, yes please! With a nice glass of wine thrown in?