Recipe Shed: Heston Blumenthal’s six-hour roast beef

This is the simplest recipe for roast beef you will ever try – and also the best. It comes, of course, courtesy of Heston Blumenthal.

This is low-temperature cooking, which works on the principle that if you cook meat at less than the 100C boiling point of water, the moisture inside the meat will stay inside the meat!

The resulting meat should be bright pink, but with no blood. And it will be the juiciest, most succuclent, silkiest beef you’ve ever tasted.

But first things first: dry-age your beef. I used Aberdeen Angus. I took it out of its wrapping, then placed it on a plate in the fridge for 5 days to allow the cold air to circulate and almost dry-cure the meat for a deeper, beefier, more intense flavour.


Dry-aged, five days later

You will need an oven thermometer or a meat thermometer. Set the oven to 55C/gas 1/4, sear a two-rib forerib of been all over in a little oil in a frying pan. Transfer to a roasting tin, then put in the oven.

Then wait.

Remove it an hour before serving and leave to rest.

Take the meat off the bones in one large piece, then carve across the grain into thick chunks.

Serve with your favourite accompaniments which, in our case, were roast potatoes, roast carrots, stir-fried Savoy cabbage, Yorkshire puds and gravy made from beef stock, red wine, mustard and thyme.

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17 Responses to Recipe Shed: Heston Blumenthal’s six-hour roast beef

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  2. A rib of beef has to be one of the ultimate roasts, not one you have too often but awesome both to look at and eat. I’m a big fan of slow cooking, does take some bravery sometimes though to cook on such a low temp.

    • Jamie

      At Xmas I like to cook a rib roast de boned and rolled as cooking with the bone in seems to make me over Cook it.I leave the joint to reach room temp over night and season well with an olive oil and salt and black pepper rub. I then seal in a frying pan and place in a very hot oven for 15 min then reduce to 100 degrees and in sert a digital probe and cook the joint till it reaches 62 degrees then remove from oven and leave to rest.i only carve the meat just before serving and never failed to impress.

  3. Oh that looks interesting, I might even try it. Love Heston, but never have tried any of his techniques!

  4. Anton1a

    Ultimate roast indeed. I love the look of this and the fact it retains its pinkness. I am a bit of a rare steak fiend, and feeling particularly brave, asked for a rare steak on holiday in France. What they served me was their idea of what a Brit may consider to be ‘rare’ which was actually medium. I was hoping for a pulse!
    This is a recipe on me to-try list and will help my quest to serve more red meat in our home.

  5. That looks like a beautiful piece of meat Keith but not sure I could eat it looking so red. I’m a medium to well done kinda girl!

    Anne xx

  6. My God that roast looks delicious, I’m joining in with a beef casserole prepared in the slow cooker. It’s so tender it falls apart in your mouth.

  7. I love my meat rare but bizarrely the mix of red meat with the protein set like that just turns me off as a roast. Bet it would make fantastic sandwiches though. Personally I like the mixture of the cooked outside with the rare middle, however, I’m not against a fully cooked meaty chunk! I’ve linked up my pot roast which is the opposite end of the cooking scale!

  8. I can’t get over how under cooked it looks. I’m expecting some mooing?

  9. Anton1a

    My link had disappeared, so just added back in x

  10. Jamie

    My personal option that cooking beef this way is like smoking salmon,the beef may be rare but it’s not blue or other words raw.if it doesn’t bleed then you have the perfect joint.if your a lover of well done beef become a vegi

  11. Dan Cornwall-Jones

    Hestons recipe refers to a meet thermometer but does not say the required inner temperature target after the 6 hours. Have I missed it? dieing to try it but beef is not cheap so not getting it right would be bad!!

    • keithkendrick

      Hi Dan,
      You need the internal temperature to reach 55C, which should take 5-6 hours. Aft it has reached that temperature, remove the meat from the oven, cover it with tin foil, and leave to rest for 1 hour.

  12. Wow! This is a really different way to roast beef. Will have to give a try!