Listography: 5 phrases that grind my gears

Irish curmudgeon KateTakes5 is having a rant over at her Listography this week. Phrases that drive her crazy. These are mine.

1. Innit
Two youths talking.
First youth: ‘I was standing at the bus stop, innit?’
Second: ‘Did you have to wait long, innit?’
First: ‘No, man. It came straight away, innit?’
Second: ‘Cool, innit?’

2. ‘Whose round is it?’
Especially when it comes from my lips. It means ┬ámy drinking partners haven’t twigged that I’m thirsty.

3. ‘I’ll get back to you.’
No. You won’t. You lying sack of s***!

4. Any sentence in which the word ‘Action’ is used as a verb..
…such as, ‘Leave it with me. I’ll action that straight away.’

5. ‘I’m just having one more, then I’ll be home.’
aka My wife’s least favourite emittance from my lips

What gets under your skin? What phrases send you round the proverbial? Share with Kate’s linky here.




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2 Responses to Listography: 5 phrases that grind my gears

  1. Ali

    Oh yes what is that ‘innit’ thing about, cringe!!!! Action and thinking outside the box kind of in the same league!!!

    Right enough said, I am just about to action something whilst thinking outside of the box, innit!!!

  2. Supporting your campaign to outlaw “innit”.