Snow! It’s what childhood memories are made of…


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  1. Floozy

    Gorgeous! I live in Perth, Western Australia. Lots of sunshine, but never snow. When I saw the title of this post it got me ruminating on where I could take my kids for some of those memories… Mind you, I would also say, ‘Aussie beach holiday – definitely the stuff childhood memories are made of!’ :)

  2. It sure is! Snow is one of the best playgrounds a kid could ask for. With some warm clothes and a little imagination, you can play for hours in it and never get bored. Add a bit of equipment and you’d never want to go inside! (at least I never did…)

  3. You lucky buggers. All we’ve got up here is rain.

  4. It certainly is. Btw, who made a killing selling all those red plastic sleds?

  5. Great pictures, Keith. We were doing the whole sledging bit today too. Gotta be done!

  6. I am SOOOOOO jealous. I’d have thought the one thing we could rely on in Scotland was snow. But nope. Wind and rain and….. not a bit of the white stuff.
    Great pics though. Your brood are having the best fun.
    I’ll keep doing my ‘snowdance’ and hoping……

  7. Gorgeous pics:) – no snow here in Ireland, but I’m not complaining!

  8. You’re right it is, I completely remember every snowball fight and sledging incident from when I was a child.

  9. My son is now aged 23 but when he was 2 we lived in a house which had a sloping garden – he says his earliest memory is sledging in the snow in the garden and he ended up buried under the large conifer trees at the end of the garden. Considering he had Encephaltis at aged 4 – this is the only childhood memory he retains!