Gallery: Me Right Now

Well, last night, actually, a few moments after reading Tara Cain’s Sticky Fingers’ Gallery prompt for this week.

I do a lot of writing in the pub, after my wife has come home from work. This is the sight 10 feet from where I was sitting. The first pint of the evening.

Where are you right now? Take a picture and add it to the Gallery.



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14 Responses to Gallery: Me Right Now

  1. You’ve given me a thirst and it’s only 9.20am!

  2. Can I have a slice of lemon in that please?
    Good place to write!

  3. That looks lovely and refreshing, and I’m not an ale fan!

  4. lol what a great picture.

  5. Oh it’s to die for – love a nice pint of handpulled bitter.

  6. I want to go to the pub now. I actually don’t remember the last time I went to a pub. Ahhhh pub.

  7. Now I am officially jealous – what a great place to blog. Mind you I’d just like to go to the pub!

  8. Such a great picture! And I’m loving that you escape to the pub to write. I think I might have to take a leaf out of your book and swap my coffee shop 😉

  9. There is often photos of beer and you, I feel I am missing out.

  10. I am drinking my coffee now but to be honest that pint looks delicious.


  11. Is it me or that your second you’re on?…..

  12. Can’t beat a pint of an evening can you?

  13. There’s just something about the phrase ‘unique yeast’ that makes me boak a bit… but I’m sure it was LOVELY