I didn’t expect any presents…but look what I got for my birthday!

You don’t expect presents when you get to my age.

Let me re-phrase that: you tell your loved ones: ‘I don’t expect presents when I get to my age.’


And there was a moment, on the occasion of my 48th birthday yesterday, when I wondered if my ‘expectations’ had been realised.

Monday morning was frantic as usual. Heaving our creaking carcasses out of the bed, yelling at the kids to heave theirs out of theirs, then trying to get all three of them breakfasted, washed, dressed, out of the door and into school, while they were all doing fine impersonations of the Walking Dead.

So by the time I got home from the school run, I suddenly reaised that:

a) it was my birthday, and

b) I didn’t have a single card or present from my family.

Well, poor me, poor me, pour me another drink.

Such is life in the Fast Lane.

But I ain’t stoopid.

I know all good things come to he who waits.

And the second my wife walked through the door from work, my waiting was over.

The kids leapt on me like it was Christmas, and as they frantically helped me tear open my gifts, I felt like all my birthdays had come at once.

From my wife: A knife. A Tojiro Japanese Vegetable Knife, to be precise. Something I’ve coveted for two years.

From my wife: A very slimming, dark blue, fitted shirt, which tucks my gut in all the right places.

From the kids: A DVD box set – Seinfeld 9, the Final Season. The only one missing from my collection.

And from my good friends Dan and Nicky: The World Cheese Book, featuring 750 cheeses.

And from me, for dinner: Wagyu steak with thrice-cooked chips and Stilton mushrooms.

It was a very happy birthday. Thank you for all your wishes on my blog and on Twitter.



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15 Responses to I didn’t expect any presents…but look what I got for my birthday!

  1. Seriously LOLing at the pic with your step-daughter and the knife. Happy belated birthday!

  2. Karen kbmanc

    Happy Birthday for yesterday!
    Love the photos and that steak & chips dinner looked so delicious I can almost smell it.

  3. Lovely photos! Glad you had a good day and got some lovely pressies :)

  4. There are some mighty fine surprised faces there! Sounds like an awesome day, but tell me what’s so fantastic abou this knife then?

  5. Oops. Happy birthday for yesterday! :)
    Smell my cheese!!!!

  6. I love your photos from your birthday and am so glad you had a lovely day and received the much coveted knife (it looks awesome). The dinner you cooked looks delicious, I shall be getting you to cook me dinner for my next birthday I think…

  7. Danny

    Happy Birthday matey

  8. If I Could Escape

    Those knives are the best!! Glad you had a good day. And a steak. And some cheese. Ya da ya da ya da!! How did I not know you were a Seinfeld fan?? You’ll be able to chop a big salad with that knife. Or a square. Can you just spare a square. I could go on and on!!

  9. Sounds like a great day – the family, presents, thrice-cooked chips… who could ask for more?

  10. Happy birthday for yesterday…love the surprised faces…and is that your daughters Physcho face??
    who’d have thought there were 750 cheeses hey…… oh & it’s that bloody steak & chips again…now I’m craving your chips again!
    Hope you had a great day

  11. Is that the culinary equivalent of a sawn-off shot gun? They are lovely pictures and you look a very gratifying person to give presents to, but I’m sorry you had to wait 48 years for a sharp knife. All the teenagers round where I live have their own already!

  12. A bit as usual,but happy birthday for yesterday..

  13. I belated happy birthday. I love your surprised faces, and those thrice-cooked chips look amazballs!

  14. Happy Birthday but where’s the cake?