Recipe Shed Vlog: Heston Blumenthal’s Lamb Steak Tapenade

I’m gradually working my way through the Heston Blumenthal cookbook for Christmas, and this recipe is a great way to combine my present from the Christmas before last: my trusty sous vide. You don’t NEED a sous vide – just cook the lamb steaks in a hot frying pan for 2-3 mins each side, but as I’ve got one, it’s better used than gathering dust.

This recipe is a fantastic midweek supper. Serve with Dauphinois potatoes (par-boiled potatoes, sliced, then layer with garlic and onions, and drizzled with cream and grated nutmeg, then cooked a 180C/Gas oven for 30-35 mins) and steam curly kale.

(Turns out I was a bit slap-dash when posting this on YouTube, and have titled it: ‘Hoe to…’ ¬†For clarification, this vlog has nothing to do with gardening or prostitution.

For the tapenade:
170g black olives in brain, drained and rinsed (unfortunately, I bought pitted and spent half an hour removing all the stones)
70g capers in brine, drained
50g anchovy fillets in olive oil
10g mint leaves
15g basil leaves
40g olive oil
Finely grated zest and juice of 1 lemon

For the lamb:
1 tbsp olive oil
4 lamb steaks

1. Blitz all the ingredients for the tapenade in a food processor, transfer to a bowl and set aside.

2. Sous vide the lamb steaks for 1 hour at 60C.

3. Meanwhile, cook the Dauphinois potatoes and prepare the kale.

4. Heat a large frying pan until it is smoking hot, then oil the steaks and cook for 2-3 mins each side, flipping every 15 seconds.

5. Warm the tapenade through on a low heat.

6. Transfer the steaks to warm plates. Spread each steak with a generous layer of the tapenade.

7. Serve with Dauphinois potatoes and steamed curly kale.

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5 Responses to Recipe Shed Vlog: Heston Blumenthal’s Lamb Steak Tapenade

  1. I love olives Keith. What a great combination. I’ll try that recipe. Seeing it’s Australia Day today here, I’ll link up a famous Australian dish “Greek Lamb & Potato Free Form Pie”. LOL No, seriously. Someone said that lamb is Australia’s national meat. It’s that bloody expensive. You need to mortgage the house to buy a few chops for the barbie! LOL Give me a good old piece of Wagyu (you know how cheap it is here) or a banger and mash any day. Lovin’ your recipes. Heston will be impressed.

    Anne xx

  2. I love your food photography, I really have to work on mine, delicious recipe again, I’ve entered one from the archives this week as running terribly behind as usual :)
    Keep up with that vlogging

  3. Anton1a

    Lamb with olives, I can see how that would work actually- deliciously exectuted sir and I am sorry I don’t have one for you today- bar a couple of minced meat recipes and scotch egg, my blog is bare. I need to man up and get some meat on the slab!

  4. Anton1a

    *executed (day of housework=lost coherence and it’s not even wine o’ clock yet….)

  5. Oh wow. Thats making me drool! It looks so yummy.