‘Don’t make me go to school, Dad!’

Yesterday, nine kids were off sick out of my son’s Reception class of 25. Last night, he got home, clambered onto the sofa, then went fast asleep, snotting and wheezing like a 90 year-old man.

I think I’ll keep him off today. But if he thinks he’s going to be watching cartoons all day…oh, alright then!

9am Update: The lad got out of bed and said: ‘It’s boring here.’ And asked to go to school. So that’s where he is! Stern stuff.

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5 Responses to ‘Don’t make me go to school, Dad!’

  1. Being boring at home is the best way to make them want to go to school!

  2. We had a similar thing on Sunday (which is a school day here). I kept DD
    at home until she actually asked to go to Nursery. Result!

  3. Good lad! He’s very cute!

  4. Yes, I’ve heard this more than once lol. Cute pic.x

  5. Haha good for him! And he looks awful cute peeping out like that.

    (Visiting today via TheBoyAndMe’s 366 linky)