Listography: Top 5 Biscuits

KateTakes5’s Listography theme this week really takes the biscuit because – yes – it’s about BISCUITS.

As Peter Kay so rightly says in this fantastic sketch: ‘Hobnobs – now that’s a biscuit for dipping. Hobnobs are like marines – they’re the SAS of the biscuit world.

It’s the snappiness of the biscuit and the thickness of the chocolate covering that make Breakaways the perfect teatime treat.


Thin, crispy and savoury. If there is a better biscuit to go with a hunk of super-strong Cheddar, I’m yet to find it.

Takes me back to my childhood. We would always have a packet of these in the cupboard.  There’s something about the dimply surface that makes it ideal for dunking.

Simply melt-in-the-mouth. A buttery sensation.


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17 Responses to Listography: Top 5 Biscuits

  1. Oooh Lincoln biscuits! I haven’t seen those since I was a kid! I used to eat them one dimple at a time like a little hamster 😉

  2. Oh, sneaking in a savoury choice, fair play!

  3. Left hob nobs off my list and no idea why. One of my best male friends became so after he turned up at my door with a packet of them. Great list and had forgotten all about some of them so nice to have a reminder.

  4. Ha, can’t believe it – I’ve included the Hob Nobs and Peter Kay reference too, you’re clearly a man of EXCELLENT taste, not just in biscuits but clearly in comedy moments too! :-)

  5. Interesting to see savoury make the list.

    Hobnobs are my top too.

  6. Fayc

    Omg! Lincoln’s!! Had forgotten about them. Damn, could have had them on my list

  7. I love Breakaways too! Ohhhhh and the all butter Fox’s are the scrummy!

  8. The hovis biscuit truly is a king amongst cheese biscuits, the cornish wafer would run a close second I reckon followed by the plain water biscuit

  9. The mighty Hob Nob is tougher than the rest, for sure. I felt they despoiled the brand somewhat when they coated them in chocolate. That’s just kowtowing.

  10. I’m definitely with you on the Hovis….always the first to go from the cracker box.

  11. Ali

    Why am I torturing myself looking at these biscuits I can’t eat. I miss Mcvities Digestives most. Gluten free ones are awful :-(

  12. Thank goodness someone’s seen sense and included Hobnobs. But WHERE ARE THE BOURBON CREAMS? PS Are you planning a vlog to instruct us how best to consume the above after we’ve mastered the art of tea-making?

  13. Ooo Hovis Crackers, I’ve not tried them… but I do like a hob-nob… well I thought I did, until I had one recently, I’ve probably not eaten sweet carbs for too long… eek, how weird does that make me!

  14. Oooo, now I want some Fox’s Butter Crinklies. Mmmmm.

    The only biscuit on your list that I have in my cupboard is the Hovis Crackers and that just isn’t going to do the trick :(

  15. Breakaways? hey are utterly crap. Otherwise your list passes.

  16. I love the look of those Breakaways Keith and I love me a good cracker to go with cheese. Has to be understated not to overpower the cheese but able to carry the cheese with the right amount of crunch. Am I right? (I knew you’d understand. LOL xx)

    Anne xx

  17. I forgot about Fox’s Crumbles! They are a good tea dipping biscuit too.