Is this level of anxiety NORMAL? Time to make a list…

I read a post today by Kate of  WitWitWoo fame, about how anxious she’s been feeling of late.  She’s eight days into a new job, so it’s hardly surprising, but nonetheless, frustrating.

She copes by making lists, and as I’ve been feeling rather anxious myself recently, Mainly about shopping – so I thought I’d make a list of things I’ve anxious about.

There are two scenarios…

1) If I’m doing the online shop:
Will it arrive on time?
If it arrives, will it have everything  I ordered?
If it doesn’t have what I ordered, will I have to go t a real shop and get what was missing?
Will the delivery man be able to get up our outside steps OK?
Will he need my help?
Should I help him, even if he doesn’t need it?
What if it’s a woman?
Will I be patronising her if I offer my help?
Will I get everything I’ve ordered into the freezer?
Will I need to re-pack the fridge?
What will I realise I’ve forgotten to order when I start putting everything away?

2) In the supermarket:
How long have I got?
Will I get it done in time?
Where IS everything? It was there last time.
Will I buy more than I need? Will I bust my budget?
What if I forget something? I wish I’d made a list.
Which checkout aisle should I choose?
Why do I always choose the wrong one?
Why is the woman in front taking so long?
Should I help her with her packing?
Oh no, it’s my turn: what if I’m too slow?
Will the checkout assistant give me enough bags?
How much are they going to cost me?
Why does she have to scan the products so quickly?
Can’t she see I’m stressed out?
Oh no, that woman behind me is getting annoyed: I’m not going fast enough. Better speed up.
Aaargh, I shouldn’t have put the eggs on the conveyor belt first: they’re bound to break.
Good grief, this milk’s heavy: why didn’t I do an online shop? Mustn’t forget to get my car park ticket stamp.
OH NO, I forgot to get my car park ticket stamped. Got to go back.
How much is this delay going to cost me?
How bad is the traffic going to be on the way home?
Oh shit, I shouldnt have come this way – far too many speed bumps. BANG! There go the eggs.
How many trips do I need to make to hump it up the steps?
Should I lock the car in between trips or will it be OK?
What if an opportunist thief walks by?
What if they nick the shopping AND the car?
Will the frozen lollies still be frozen?
Did I remember to put all the fridge and freezer stuff in the same bag?
Should I unpack first, then put away, or vice versa?
Will I realise I didn’t actually need another tin of tomatoes because I’ve already got three?

But shopping is not the only thing I feel anxious about – there’s also school, school runs, playdates, finding work etc etc.

Oh, and how am I going to end this blog post?



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6 Responses to Is this level of anxiety NORMAL? Time to make a list…

  1. you stole my list, mostly, besides the steps and add 2 kids under 2 trying to run/crawl out into the street as the shopping comes in! Did the list help?

  2. This is so refreshing to read.
    1: that a man has these feelings too.
    2: that I’m not the only one who gets anxious over grocery shopping!

  3. aaaaggghh, I feel anxious just reading this…..glad I’m not the only one that always pops a can of tomatoes in every week regardless of whether I’ve used any in the last 6 weeks or not!

  4. When I go shopping I don’t have anxieties, I have angers:
    – Why the hell do they have to park their trolley in the middle of the aisle?
    – I can’t believe that there’s no bloody purple milk, they never have it nowadays!
    – Oh FFS I’ve left my bags in the car again!
    – Which checkout shall I use?
    – Dammit, I knew this one would be slow! Gahh!
    – Stop touching the conveyer belt child!
    – Stop talking to me when I’m wrestling the damn shopping and The Boy.
    – Why doesn’t the stupid Barney ride-on work? How hard is it to plug it in?

    And *that* is why I always do my food shopping online.

  5. I have pretty high anxiety a lot of times in scenarios and ways similar to the ones you listed. It’s always good to be conscious of the fact that I’m not the only one or one of the few who has this problem.

  6. Dude you need to chill out, lists will help though.