Recipe Shed Vlog: How to make fully-loaded homemade pizza (plus how to roast and peel perfect peppers)

You wanna a pizza me? I said, YOU WANNA PIZZA ME?

Ahem! Apologies for the appalling grammar.

Anyway, today’s Recipe Shed theme is PIZZA: The Vlog. Starring…my lovely Successful Other Half. Starting with a masterclass on how to roast and peel perfect peppers.

(Just to prove that she doesn’t just bring home the dough…she can make it, too!)
Our toppings, in the following order:

A few good glug of quality olive oil
3 garlic cloves, crushed and finely chopped
1/2 jar of tomato pizza topping (whichever you prefer. We used M&S)
1 onion, finely sliced
1 long red pepper,  de-seeded and sliced
6 slices chorizo
6 slices salami
4 slices Parma ham
6 boccocini Mozzarella balls, sliced into rounds
Two handfuls rocket
Parmesan shavings
Salt and black pepper, to season

Add the toppings and cook on highest heat for 15-20 mins

Here’s the video of the finished product…

And if mine doesn’t smack your lips, why not try these from UKTV’s Food Channel, including potato, thyme& mozzarella; red onion & creme fraiche; and gorgonzola & aubergine.

Or add your own to the linky below…

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9 Responses to Recipe Shed Vlog: How to make fully-loaded homemade pizza (plus how to roast and peel perfect peppers)

  1. jenny paulin

    i have to say that your pizza aswell as looking grrrreat looks a LOT more gourmet than my slap dash effort lol
    mmmm love pizza and its a good effort from your wife ;0

  2. Anton1a

    With this vlogging you are impressing me! The topping combination sounds delicious, I will definitely give this a try, well done to you and your Successful Other Half! x

  3. David Law

    Hi Keith and wife I would like to say that your pizza looks very very good. What about the dough though, did you make it yourself? I find getting an authentic tasting dough the most difficult. I use a bread maker with mixed results. May I suggest an improvement? Don’t use shop bought pizza sauce instead a tin of plum tomatoes in a pan with olive oil and dried basil, dash of tom puree, heat up to boil then slowly simmer for 45mins stirring and breaking up the toms until reduced and nice and thick. This sauce works great on past too. Regards and keep up the good work. p.s. that watch is girly!

    • keithkendrick

      HI David, your comment made me smile – of course it’s a girly watch THOSE ARE MY WIFE’S HANDS! I’m filming HER!

  4. This looks yummy! Well done to your wife :-)

  5. I watched you vlogging how to make a cup of tea with a teabag in a mug and I watched you vlogging how to butter a piece of toast. And now your pizza recipe is: My wife made the dough, the sauce is from M&S, and here’s a vlog of us putting herbs and cheese on the top as it comes out the oven. Are you taking the piss? And if so, would it be all right for me to order in a Dominoes Super Special, vlog myself giving the delivery boy a tip and linking up? How convenient are we allowed to be? #tongueincheek although #nosmokewithoutfire and yet #keepscomingback – #gofigure

  6. that looks gorgeous…I love a bit of rocket on my pizza.
    I took the liberty of adding 2 pizzas to the linky…hope you don’t mind, one is a proper one & one is a cheats one :-)

  7. Ali

    Oh, yum yum :-) again!!!

  8. Love your vlog! I think I’m getting your recipe shed you give a prompt every week so everyone comes up with pizza? I’ve added my Apple Puff Parcels and they are so not pizza!