Recipe Shed Vlog: How to make toast

Toast is complicated. We know that. Very difficult to get wrong. The bread, the method, the butter to bread ratio.

This video shows you how to make the Perfect Piece of Toast every time. (Please excuse the nose-wiping with back of hand – I’ve got a cold).


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10 Responses to Recipe Shed Vlog: How to make toast

  1. That is 4 minutes and 34 seconds of my life that I am never getting back. EVER!

    In all seriousness, I haven’t laughed so much in ages, you bloody nutter.

  2. Alysonsblog

    Can’t believe I actually watched that through to the end, not sure where or what brought that on but consider me well taught in the toast making process now

  3. How did you keep a straight face doing that?! You big idiot, it was brilliant, I laughed until I cried. Oh, and I’m a weird one up north who likes her toast cold.

  4. Amanda @gidders1

    EVEN Argos !!! Lol, brilliant :)

  5. I admit I have to echo the previous comments – I’m not sure why I watched all four minutes of this- but couldnt help myself lol! I love that you rope your wife into camera duties too!

  6. I also can’t believe I watched it all – especially I also like my toast cold. I don’t know who is more insane, you for doing it or us for watching?

  7. I see you’re taking this serious and upping the ante every time – the mind boggles as to what will be next week’s performance?

  8. Very informative, I think the camera woman needs to focus on her work and not on trying to be funny. Other than that very informative, I shall employ this technique tomorrow

  9. The fool, you have made me laugh with you advice to the camera woman, I’m sure she will take your words of wisdom on board!

  10. I used to be a friend but since this video....

    Fool! However, a very informative video. A couple of points of note:
    One, I agree with the volume of butter used but not with your point about cold toast. If you spread soft butter onto hot toast it melts into the toast leaving it rather soggy; spread soft butter onto cold toast, not ice cold, sort of room temp, you’ll find that the butter stays intact and can be enjoyed in all its calorific glory.
    Two, an odd combination to put on your plate I grant you; can’t imagine kedgeree and marmalade go well together but you are SO wrong about kedgeree being disgusting…. its the one of the best breakfasts ever invented