My very first vlog: How to iron a shirt in (just over) 1 minute

It is time I broke away from these shackles of mere words and ventured into the hitherto unknown playground of moving images aka vlogging.

With the help and guidance of the lovely Marianne from MarisWorld, I have just learned how to film, upload to YouTube and embed into this post, my very first vlog.

You’ll have to excuse the camerawoman’s snide asides. Jealousy, see!




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10 Responses to My very first vlog: How to iron a shirt in (just over) 1 minute

  1. I won’t show that to my mum she will be a critical with your technique as she is with mine as no starch :)
    Though of you are wearing a jacket you could just iron the front and be done in 20 secs 😉

  2. Great stuff. I will remember to come back and watch this when I have located my iron.

  3. A recent press release told me that a fifth of men iron naked so I was nervous about watching this. But its revelatory! Luckily my husband wears clerical shirts made of some divine material which never creases so I never have to get the iron out. By the way, do you really use all those spices?

  4. Good stuff Keith! Nice to see you in the ‘flesh’ so to speak. I thought you might’ve had more of a Mancunian accent. Great ironing skills and great videoing technique by Mrs RHD.

    Anne xx

  5. My word you have a voice and a real-life personality and everything! Hello, nice to meet you.

    However, I feel cheated. You told me 27 seconds, I want that video!

  6. This is a little more than a short horror film…

  7. That looks very similar to my technique, but I think it takes me much longer than a minute. I’m a bit more rigourous on me yokes though :-). I’m going to put all this to the test this afternoon, after I’ve sorted my tax bill out. My life is one long thrill.
    I can, though, see a Channel 4 series in this.

  8. Lauren

    This made me chuckle!! You two are very funny! Great vlog. x

  9. BRILLIANT! I’m lost for words at your expertise – in ironing, in camera love and entertainment. well done I can learn loads from you :)

  10. Can’t wit for the one on ironing pants.