Listography: My Top Photos of 2011

KateTakes5’s Listography has asked us to delve back into our scrapbooks over the past year and dig out our 5 Favourite Photos of 2011. An absolutely impossible task. I pored for hours over all the pictures I’ve published on my blog and in the end decided there was no way I could come up with a Top 5.

Instead, I have decided to devote my Top 5 Theme to Several Photos  My Eldest Son’s Year of Achievement: learning to swim; learning to share his bed with his brother at his grandad’s; learning to ride a bike, learning – slowly but surely – to play the guitar (just like his scrawny dad when I was a teenager); and learning not to be scared of dogs.

I can’t believe he is seven and how far he has come since he was a little scrap of nothingness on a hospital bed after being admitted with fluid on his lungs when he was just a week old (first picture).

• I’ve thrown the chicken picture in for good measure, because it makes me smile!



'I'll be fine, Mum (cough, splutter) Just fine.'


'All in all, it's just...another prick near a wall.'



Wa-hey! Learning to ride a bike for the first time




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6 Responses to Listography: My Top Photos of 2011

  1. What a great set of five-ish photos.

  2. Gosh he’s a chip off the old block alright Keith! Hope you’re teaching him some of Status Quo’s classic chords. Looks like a great year, full of accomplishments. (Thanks for the kind words on my photos. xx)

    Anne xx

  3. Just another prick near a wall? *snorts childishly*
    Lovely pictures Keith. You have a really talented son.

  4. Great set of photos. Love the ones of him learning guitar great stuff as my Dad would say. Must say though that chicken cracked me up!

  5. Another cheat I see. Though it was worth it just to see the gay chicken..

  6. Great photos. The first made me teary and the last made me laugh out loud 😀 x