Sometimes it helps if you remember how old your parents are…

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Well, it’s the thought that counts, isn’t it? Well, isn’t it???

I had good intentions when I bought my dad a bottle of Johnny Walker Blue Label Whisky to mark his 75th birthday.

It was a particularly poignant occasion because the day before his birthday last year, my mum died.

This year, then, I wanted to make it extra special and as he is a fan of blended malts, spent a small fortune on the beloved Blue.

I even had it inscribed: ‘Happy 75th, Dad. Love Keith.’

I couldn’t wait to hand it over to him when I visited between Christmas and New Year. I watched in eager anticipation of a tear wiped from his eye at the wonderful gesture and loving thought his eldest son had put into this special present.

And then he tore off the wrapping.

Opened the presentation box.

Read the inscription.

Looked up at me.

And said…

‘But I’m 74. Born December 22 1937.’


Well, at least it will save me a few quid next year – because he refused to open it and has put it away in a safe place until he actually does reach three-quarters of a century.

Let’s hope he lasts that long!


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11 Responses to Sometimes it helps if you remember how old your parents are…

  1. Oops! That so sound like something I’d do… :-) I bet he was touched at the present, it sounds like a lovely gift with a lot of thought behind it…
    he’ll be itching to open it next year!

  2. Oh oh! Bless you for trying. Bless him for remembering his age and not feeling to embarrassed to tell you. Bless you for understanding. And thank the lord you didn’t buy him a dog. Like I did for my parents 50th anniversary. A year too early 😉

  3. Hilarious – Well done son!

  4. Ha ha you doughnut! Like the year I gave my husband a card saying ‘5 wonderful years together’ and he quietly reminded me it was actually 6…

  5. Oh you plebb! That’s hilarious!

  6. If I pretend I’m 75 will you buy me a bottle of Johnnie Walker Blue? Brilliant stuff, Keith.

    I’ve really enjoyed your blog this year. Happy new year and best wishes to you and yours in 2012.

  7. *snorts coffee out of nose*
    Happy New Year our Keith. I’ve had so many laughs out of you. Might have known you’d mark the New Year with another

  8. Jenny Paulin

    Ohhhh how funny Keith! That sounds like the type of thing I would do! Classic x

  9. Let hope he lasts that long? ! You can’t say that! Very funny Keith, it is the sort of thing I can see myself doing. At least it is not wasted! x

  10. Might be worth writing it down so you don’t forget. Along with wedding anniversaries. Women tend to be less forgiving about such things in my experience. Speaking of which I got e date of my folks big anniversary wrong last year. Better go check when it is so I’m not in the bad books this year too.

    Anyway I’m sure another year will make it taste all the nicer.

    And also sorry about your mum.