A brilliant idea to make money from blogging…*

Money has become something of an obsession of mine just lately, and it’s nothing to do with the fact that the very average Chief Executive takes home £3 million-plus a year.

Now I realise there are people living in poverty not a hundred yards from where we live, and we do live a comfortable life thanks to my Successful Other Half’s reliable income, so I have no real reason to complain.

And I’m not complaining. Not really. Just feeling a bit sorry for myself.

Christmas is the reason. I want to buy my wife a super-nice surprise as thanks for all she has done for her family this past year since we swapped roles. And as much as I know small can be beautiful and it’s the thought that counts, I want to be able to match what I know she will inevitably buy for me. It’s bad enough that all the children’s presents will be coming out of her pocket.

So last week I came up with what I thought was a brilliant brainwave to pay for both a luxury lifestyle and fund my blogging activities, to boot.

While meeting with my accountant (during which he told me I’d be entitled to a handsome refund as I’d overpaid tax the previous year), I told him about my blog. More specifically, the Recipe Shed and Restaurant Reviews element of my blog.

‘This is what I do for a living,’ I explained. ‘OK, it’s only earned me a grand total of £280 in the year I’ve been doing it (from sponsored posts), but that pays for a few beers instead of having to ask my wife for pocket money. Anyway, would I be able to claim meals in swanky restaurant as taxable allowance.’

He looked at me as if I’d just asked him to transfer the contents of his bank account into mine.

‘I’m afraid the taxman’s got wise to that,’ he said. ‘As far as he’s concerned, blogging is a hobby. Unless you can prove that a specific review earned you a certain amount of money, then that’s all it will ever be. A hobby.’

And thus, the loophole I thought I’d identified was strangled shut.

Anyway, gotta dash. I’m off to Poundland to buy the wife’s Christmas gift.

* I didn’t say it was a Surefire Idea, did I?










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5 Responses to A brilliant idea to make money from blogging…*

  1. Bugger, blogging isn’t considered “real work” then. Damn.

    You need a joint account, with an other half who doesn’t have a clue about money. That way you can just use their salary to buy their present. Not that I’ve done this of course… And remember: when you’re married, what’s hers is yours and the other way around etc etc.

  2. Ali

    You got me all excited then…

    Still Poundland has some really swanky stuff and your be amazed how grateful someone will be for a pack of 10 pens all in different colours 😉

    Anyway what’s this about posh restaurants, with those meals you show us on Thursday’s, surely the restaurant would just be a disappointment :-)

  3. Very funny. from Disappointed in Jerusalem

  4. You’re missing the obvious here – do the review for a free meal…

  5. Like it, I’ve reviewed Poundland before by the way: good stuff.