Listography: Top 5 Gadgets

For this week’s Listography, KateTakes5 is asking us for our favourite gadgets, define as…

1. a small mechanical device or appliance
2. any object that is interesting for its ingenuity or novelty rather than for its practical use
These are the gadgets that make life worth living (plus one that definitely exists only for its novelty value)
I use it twice a week to make a batch of meals, then freeze them. Nothing on the planet beats slow-cooked belly or shoulder of pork…
…except perhaps a beef joint cooked for 24 hours in Sous Vide chef’s water bath, before flashing in a very hot oven.
A permanent fixture on my kitchen counter top for whizzing bread into crumbs for coated chicken or battered pork steaks, or blitzing slow-cooked onions, garlic and ginger into a base for curry sauces.
Instant soups and smoothies on request.
This was bought for me as a birthday present a few years ago. I tried to use it once, but have never used it since because, well, it’s useless.
*Answer below.
What are your favourite gadgets? Head over to KateTakes5 and share yours. There’s also a snazzy competition to enter, with a chance to win a Christmas Travel Bundle from  iLuv UK.

* It’s a wire cheese slicer. Really.


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10 Responses to Listography: Top 5 Gadgets

  1. Ali

    Yep, I’ll have the top four of your list!!! The cheese wire looks um interesting!!!

  2. You’re such a foodie! I keep meaning to buy a slowe cooker but am afraid of adding to the collection of stuff that doesn’t get used

  3. D’ya know I nearly did kitchen gadgets but thought I’d save it for another time. Ahem. Still tempted by the slow cooker, you’ll wear me down eventually.

  4. Love the cooking gadgets. Must have the right tool for the right job. Love the cheese slicer too!

  5. Loving the food gadgets. Am thinking of getting darling husband a Sous Vide one day – as the prices haven’t come down yet in the UK that may be a few Christmases/birthdays of instalments!

  6. What a kitchen guy you are! It looks a lot like a jam thermometer to me.

  7. Michael

    What a cavemen are you? This cheese slicer is the only tool we use for cheese. It perfectly serves the purpose. Unless you go to store and get them slice the cheese for you …. then you have nothing to do with this “thermometer”. Seriously, we love this tool and when the string got broken I had a hard time to fix it. … and my wife was struggling until we get it be able to work again.

    • keithkendrick

      Caveman? You’re right. I’ve overlooked this wondrously marvellous genius device for too long. I’m going to dig it out from the the back of my kitchen drawer and give it another go. Grunt!

  8. michael

    I have a wire cheese slicer like the one in the picture. I haven’t figured out how to use it and find it useless too! Seriously, is this something used like an apple peeler, with cheese in one hand and wire slicer in the other? Can someone actually describe how to use this slicer?

  9. Greg

    These cheese slicers are great! They produce uniformly thick slices from block cheese. Just hold the cheese in one hand, and run the slicer over the face.

    If you don’t want yours, I’m looking for a replacement for a plastic one where the handle broke.