Through the Keyhole: Where I do my business…

I’ve been tagged by TheBoyandMe for this Through The Keyhole-type meme asking us bloggers to reveal where we do what we do. Here’s mine, a tucked away corner of our bedroom, facing the window, with my laptop perched on a £22 stand called ‘Dave’ that I bought from Ikea.



I’d like a peek at some private posting places from these guys…

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Heather at SAHMlovingit

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Jenny at Mummy Mishaps




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7 Responses to Through the Keyhole: Where I do my business…

  1. ive just done the same post. lovely little space u got there

  2. jenny paulin

    thank you for my tag! That looks like a lovely little spot from which to do your business from!! i especially like how you have a nice view outside and the sunshine coming in makes it look a lovely little blogging spot :) you and Dave get to spend a lot of quality time together i am sure lol
    here is my post on it

  3. What a rather neat corner of your bedroom, that would be covered in clothes in ours! Thanks for taking part!

  4. Anton1a

    That looks like a right cosy place to do your work, and I like the face that you have a view as well :)