Recipe Shed: Flavours of the Sea: Scallops and White Pudding with Leeks, New Potatoes and Bacon Butter

Let’s start with a confession: I am allergic to fish. It makes my lips blister and throat swell. It’s so bad that I can’t even kiss my missus or I have a reaction, hence she tries to eat it every night. Paradoxically, I’m not allergic to seafood. Go figure! I’m a quirky kind of guy.

Anyway, this recipe brings together some of the best of the ingredients I bought on my visit to the World Famous Bury Market. It’s a 10 minute wonder that relies purely and simply on brilliant ingredients.

Recipe Shed

Serves 2

1 tbsp olive oil
10 king scallops
10 pinky finger-thick slices of white pudding (or black, if you prefer)
2 leeks, cut into rounds
4 new potatoes, boiled until tender and sliced into rounds
1 healthy (!) knob of butter
2 rashers bacon, back or streaky, sliced into strips

1. Heat two separate frying pans. Gently heat the oil in one and the butter in another.

2. In the first pan, add the leeks, pudding and potato rounds and gently saute for 2-3 mins, until the leeks are tender and the pudding and potatoes are golden brown.

3. In the second pan, heat the butter and fry the bacon until crispy, approx. 4-5 mins

4. Back to the first pan. Add the scallops and cook until translucent, approx. 1 min each side.

5. Serve on warmed plates by stacking cheffy-style with a slice of each ingredient to make 5 stacks: potato on the bottom, then a leek round, then pudding, then top with a scallop. Drizzle over the crispy bacon and gloriously salty butter to finish.

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• Next week’s Recipe Shed has a theme that no family Sunday would be complete without: ROASTS




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11 Responses to Recipe Shed: Flavours of the Sea: Scallops and White Pudding with Leeks, New Potatoes and Bacon Butter

  1. Anton1a

    Get in!!! Love love love seafood- and the use of the white pudding too. Again, thank you for sharing, great work! And thanks for this weeks’ theme :)

  2. Sea-food and bacon are out. Not sure what white pudding is – maybe balck pudding drained of the blood. I recognise the leeks and potatoes in theis one :) It looks good though.

  3. jenny paulin

    i have never tried scallops but see they get used a lot on Come Dine With Me (love that show!)
    I have to say this recipe looks mouth watering – maybe i should buy myself a couple and give them a go , although i may not bother with the white pudding.
    my offering is bit more plain in comparison!! x

  4. Scallops look beautiful, I’ll definitely be trying that one. I’ve added the two recipes I learned at Billingsgate Seafood School last week – a roast Sea Bass and Plaice fillets with green beans and almonds.

  5. I’m always a bit nervous about cooking scallops, but if you want to come and cook them for me….

  6. I LOVE all these flavours – a dream combination for me :) Also a bit of a winning formula on Masterchef in recent years, should you want to test your skills… 😉

    I can’t touch shellfish now after a horribly violent reaction a couple of years ago – I’ll spare you the details. So it’s fish for me, which I tend to try to keep simple. Hence the link to the ‘recipe’ on my blog – it’s more of an assemblage, really.

  7. That is one of my favourite recipes. I’ve never tried it – I just know.

    Love scallops, bacon and – white pudding? Never seen white pudding but it’s now on my list of things for the weekend.

    Thanks for posting.

  8. mmmm that looks really tasty. Loving the theme this week. Have just added my contribution: Linguine with crab, chili and courgette. Hope you like it!

  9. Wow they look great. My husband does all the cooking in our house and I am so not showing him your blog – we are supposed to be on a diet and i fear he would try and cook everything if he started reading. mmm mmm mmm!

  10. A great set of recipes here! I have added my pot roast cod recipe.

  11. Mmmm I do like scallops, it’s just a shame I’m the only one in my house that eats them… or should I say all the more for me
    I’m actually looking forward to trying the recipe, I can serve it to OH minus the scallops & he’d be happy.