#Gallery: T is for Take Off



For more terrific photos beginning with T head over to Tara Cain’s Sticky Fingers’ Gallery.


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14 Responses to #Gallery: T is for Take Off

  1. Very cool, who’s in it, that’s what I am wondering. It’s amazing and a little scary to see them take off, you’ve captured that precariousness!

  2. is it a model? or your own private helicopter?
    am intrigued!

  3. Ooh, is that your very own private helicopter? Boys and their toys!! 😉

  4. Oooh wow! I take it you weren’t in it? Who was?

  5. There’s so much movement in the three photos together, it makes a great prograssion: up, up and away!

  6. jenny paulin

    wow! very cool x

  7. Did you really?? And were you really that close to those trees?? Coooool!

  8. By day … pant ironing super dad. By teatime … helicopter pilot!

  9. Really want to know the story now…

  10. Oooh, there’s a story there. Cool photos!

  11. Not you at the controls is it? That could be scary!

  12. They are amazing photos. I want to sort this out for my husband’s birthday next year.