Listography: Top 5 Keyword Searches For My Blog

There are some weirdos out there, and no mistake, and fortunately we don’t have to acknowledge that fact until faced with a Listography task like KateTakes5’s this week. So I’ve taken the plunge to have a look at what warped minds have stumbled upon my innocent musings over the months I’ve been blogging. And what an illuminating exercise it was…

1. Reluctant Housedad
Phew! Relief. Nice to know that I’m on some people’s radar – but it would be even better if all those Searchers subscribed to my blog. There’s a Subscribe button on the top left hand side. Go on, add your email address. Put Google out of business!

2. Smurfs
I wrote a review about the Smurfs Movie a couple of months ago, and I’m still getting hits on the back of this. When I first wrote it, I achieved my third highest ever hit rate. That’s the power of a review. No wonder PRs love us (well, not me, but a lot of bloggers).

3. Thrice-cooked Chips
A recipe I nicked from Heston Blumenthal, which I’ve now proud to co-own. Ish.

4. Grecian 2000
I DON’T dye my hair. I’m 47 years old and I don’t have a grey hair on my head, but I DON’T dye it. I really, REALLY don’t. My late mother had barely a grey hair, either, so I guess I’m genetically blessed!

5. Letter to my Daughter-in-Law
I published a post about this by my wife and it’s clearly a subject that concerns a lot of people. Surprised to see it as a Search Engine term, though.

Those that aren’t in the Top 5 are a real mixed bag. Here’s a few of the strangest…

Naomi Russel oiled
Blow-up pool
Trousers ironing in creases
Gooey knb (sic)
Photos of Roger Moore children
Role reversal in bedroom
Is it cruel to keep a tortoise in a flat
Wife stays out half the night is she being faithful?
Birthday spanking
Christina Aguilera in a thong
Romantic touching

Well, that’s me cleansed. What are your top searches? Head over to Kate’s Listography and share yours…


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14 Responses to Listography: Top 5 Keyword Searches For My Blog

  1. Okay, I’ll be going through my search hits today, see if I can find anything remotely interesting. Last time I looked they were all fairly techy and really rather dull.

  2. haha do you have a very informative post about tortoise? if not go write one! I hope who ever googled that found the answer they were looking for!

  3. Very funny post. Especially the list of search terms not in your top 5 😉

  4. Love the mix especially the erm, interesting ones ones that didn’t make the top 5.

  5. Jenny Paulin

    I am laughing at some of the non top 5 keywords that take people to your blog!! Haha birthday spanking and roger moores children at my favs x

  6. Love you list, mine is sooooo dull, I’m having trouble finding motivation to write it! Particularly love the weird and wonderful ones
    Do you know when someone subscribes by RSS feed? cos that’s how I keep up with my blogs (thank @dogbombs for that one)

  7. If I am every wondering about keeping a turtle in my flat I know where to come!

    Love the list!

  8. hhahaha! With Grecian 2000 we know your little secret now!!

  9. Hmm some definate random ones in there, reluctant housedad equals role reversal in the bedoom, well I never!

    Mich x

  10. Love the tortoise one! (Do you have a tortoise?)

  11. Love the randomness of the ones that didn’t make your top 5 – very funny!

  12. Errr, Birthday spanking is in my TOP 5!!!

  13. Good one Keith. Maybe Heston has been stumbling on your thrice cooked chips recipe because he’s forgotten how.

    Anne xx

  14. Great top five, disturbing other selection! Are you sure you don’t dye your hair?